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Audio Visual Services

At RB Media, we specialise in delivering audio visual solutions with a difference.

From a simple video for a PowerPoint presentation or ‘vox-pops’ – interview style filming to multi-camera Broadcast, Corporate or Marketing, Promotional, Educational or Training videos, we can manage the entire process.

Deciding on overall content, running order, the right 'look', final formats and so forth can often be confusing and time consuming. We can assist you to plan your project from ‘concept’ thru to ‘final’ completion.

  • Shooting - This is the actual filming where we capture all the content required for your project – producing creative visuals that will deliver the final ‘polished’ product.

  • Directing – We will create the artistic vision, overall message and tone of your video. We work with you to develop the most effective message and the best means of communication with your target audience - to create a video that meets your exact specifications and particular needs.

  • Editing - As well as filming, we also edit the footage into a final product. This is the stage where the video footage is carefully and creatively constructed to develop your initial ‘concept’ into exciting and engaging viewing.

  • Voice-overs - We can provide professional voice-overs artists for your project. A professional voice-over provides an informative narrative voice that binds the scenes together.

  • Music - Music can set the scene and provides subliminal mood enhancing qualities that encapsulate the overall ‘feel’ of the project.

  • Graphics - Deliver your message in style - with high impact graphics and text that appear on the screen to keep your audience captivated – maintain your company’s ‘house-style’ by incorporating your corporate identity within the video.

Additionally, we offer:

  • Audio and Video Encoding (Compression)

  • DVD Authoring

  • Transfers (from VHS to DVDs)

  • CD/DVD Duplication & Printing

  • Sound Services – from a simple PA system to complete Corporate events

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